Strain Review: Grand Daddy Purple

Strain Review: Grand Daddy Purple

“Once upon an occasion, in a land called California, an extremely wise man named Ken Estes was invited to a medication ceremony with some Native Us citizens. They took a taste to Ken and finished up gifting him several of the most purple cannabis he previously ever seen. He took that cut, as well as in 2003 crossed it having a strain called Big Bud — from here the popular Grand Daddy Purple was created.

Grand Daddy Purple or GDP is an indica strain that is dominant. This specific batch originated from CannWay, Canadian LP Aphria’s Sister brand name. This specific lot has about 23% THC and .07% CBD, which means this one undoubtedly packs a purple punch.

To be truthful, once I cracked the seal regarding the bottle and poured away a few buds, I became sort of shocked that it certainly wasn’t, well purple. Sure there’s a purple hue to a number of the buds, however they are more olive green with a few hairs that are amber-rusty their method through each bud.

GDP has the aroma of the way I imagine Grimace, the purple that is iconic mascot, might smell if he had been keeping a case of fresh plums after investing a single day in the purple Kool-Aid factory. Simply to keep things into the daddy that is grand theme a hint of Orange Metamucil makes its way ahead.

The trusty H3 by Herbalaire stationary vaporizer is being released with this one when I simply have to obtain the real flavor profile. I’m hopeful the flavours will mimic the scent when I love that artificial grape taste. Bag full, I inhale the vapor produced at about 390F and I also do style sweetness and fruits, but we don’t actually have that Grape Hubba-Bubba gum taste I’m shopping for. It’s delicious, not the form of delicious like that taboo grape difficult candy your grandfather offered you secretly as a child that is young supper.

The consequences are excellent for dropsy, the vapors, jungle rot, the staggers and….just joking. […]

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