What It’s Like to Be a lady at a Tech Conference

What It’s Like to Be a lady at a Tech Conference

Not long ago, we went to my first seminar being an engineer. To offer a little bit of context, I was a musical theatre performer before I made my career transition into software engineering. Theatre, unlike STEM, is really a industry that is in serious need of males. Seriously, might like to do musicals? Can you form of carry a tune? Will you be a dude? You’re cast! But we digress…

This might be you, guy.

Therefore, imagine my shock once I went to my really first engineering meeting as a female… it felt similar to this:

Here’s exactly exactly how my inner-monologue sounded:

“So…many…dudes… oh! Is that a girl? Hmmm, no… she’s in the catering group. Oh delay! is a different one? NOPE merely a guy with a person bun.”

The irony of most with this? I will be most of the time talks that are giving variety at these seminars. Which, hey, is fantastic! This means that the individuals operating these seminars note that there was a issue therefore we want to repair it. But, seriously… this begs the essential concern: Where are typical the ladies in technology? Or, to place it more casually… where my women at?

I do believe it is crucial to notice by using the numerous tries to get “more women in tech” and diversity that is“add teams”, it is crucial to approach this matter with passion and passion, but in addition with a feeling of humor and forgiveness. You’ll notice that this informative article doesn’t result from an accepted host to anger, but from a spot of understanding. Being a feminist, and a feminine engineer, we take the time become approachable rather than get upset at individuals for his or her missteps or assumptions of me personally in this industry. […]

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